’90 Day Fiancé ‘spoilers: Is Larissa dos Santos faking her IG presence?

She has over 700,000 followers, but on that latest IG post, she didn’t really get that much engagement. She only had 3K likes. Which begs the question, is she faking her IG presence? Is Larissa really as famous as she claims or has she secretly bought followers from the start?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Is Larissa Faking Her IG Presence?

Now alright Larissa did not have the advantage to be in the spotlight of TLC for a while. She split from TLC a few months ago once she started doing more adult online gigs, including a show on camsoda, which some say is the reason TLC cut. bridges with her because they didn’t want their stars to project that kind of image.

Although they seem to agree with the other stars of the 90 day franchise from OnlyFans accounts, but I digress, ahem. Anyway, it just seems strange that even without being in the spotlight, more than Larissa’s followers I did not jump on this post. There are, however, a few theories about this.

Firstly, it’s just not the type of image that normal “hardcore” Larissa fans follow, as Larissa seems to really like pushing the boundaries with her IG presence. Before that, she posted a lot of pictures of glamorous lingerie and these seemed to be where the majority of her likes and comments came from.

That kind of basic, low-key image with no bells or whistles (i.e. her chest hanging down in plain sight) may not be the kind of content her followers have signed up for.

There is also the fact that Larissa can get more engagement on its platforms decidedly more adult now than on IG. IG has guidelines on what you can and can’t post and maybe they just decided to move the majority of their content to platforms that will allow you to post more adult stuff.

She could also be guilty of buying followers and likes, but that’s not exactly a rare thing, especially among older social media stars. True, dedicated social media fans fall into the younger demographics, so someone Larissa’s age might have to resort to buying subscribers.

Let’s not judge too harshly, however, not everyone plays social media well. Alternatively, even though Larissa has received compliments on this, maybe it’s because not everyone supports the color brown. Just a thought. Stay tuned!!!

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