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Still looking for a PS5? Here’s the latest information on the upcoming PS5 console stock drops and when we expect to see more coming in over the next few days and weeks.

The smallest drops in stock from Smyths Toys

Earlier today, on June 23, Smyths Toys released a small number of PS5 consoles around 8:30 a.m. BST. It was a bit later than expected and the size of the stock release could mean that Smyths Toys will be making a few more PS5 console releases over the next few days as we enter the home stretch of June.

Several people have also started spotting in-store signs suggesting that Smyths Toys has started taking pre-orders in person. It might be worth taking a trip to your local Smyths Toys store to check. Most of the time, online inventory and retail inventory are separate.

Argos is also expected to receive a small supply of PS5 consoles over the weekend; It’s unclear if these will be released early next week, but they could be another retailer to watch.

Amazon UK expected release time and date

At the moment, we are not sure when Amazon UK is expected to release its next stock batch of PS5 consoles. However, it should arrive on the morning of June 24 or 25.

As for a specific time, Amazon UK has released stocks anytime as early as 7:00 am BST, 9:00 am BST, or even later.

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Amazon UK can usually handle the traffic, but it is still recommended that you sign up and have your payment information saved and ready to go. Adding the PS5 console to your Amazon Wish List should also help and offer an email alert when stock arrives.

All we know for sure is that everyone “in the know” expects PS5 console stock to drop before June 28th.

BT could also drop its shares

Exceptionally, some rumors suggest that BT may be rolling out of the stock of PS5 consoles soon. This is not exactly where you would expect to see the stock, so you might have a little better luck looking here.

On new BT rumors, this is what we know …

“Potential BT replenishment between July 19-23, however, discussions are underway among high-end staff about the possibility of in-store drop-off using BT and EE stores across the country. “

Of course, that’s a lot more talk than fact right now … but keep an eye out for these two. You might be lucky.

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