Biden struggles with ‘remembering names and dates’ makes US look weak to Putin, Xi and Kim Jong Un, says Hannity

JOE Biden struggles to remember “names and dates” and makes the United States appear weak in the eyes of rival leaders Vladamir Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un, said Sean Hannity.

Host Fox in his opening monologue Tuesday night he said he did not believe the president was “running the ship” and that his administration was trying to “hide it from the rest of the world”.


Hannity blasted Biden on Tuesday nightCredit: Fox News
Hannity called Biden a 'still weak and fragile cognitive mess'


Hannity called Biden a ‘still weak and fragile cognitive mess’Credit: Splash

He also has slammed Biden, 78, as an “always weak, fragile cognitive mess”, calling it a “goblet” and claiming that it does little work

Hannity even claimed that the president “has trouble walking” after slipping up the steps of Air Force One in March.

He said he didn’t think Biden had a weight training routine, as the White House claims, and accused him of losing “his train of thought mid-sentence.”

“Yeah, Putin, President Xi, Kim Jong Un, the mullahs in Iran, they see what you see, not good,” Hannity said at the top of his show.

Hannity claimed Putin would consider Biden weak


Hannity claimed Putin would consider Biden weakCredit: AP
He also claimed that Chinese leader Xi Jinping would follow.


He also claimed that Chinese leader Xi Jinping would follow.Credit: AP

“Joe now has trouble remembering names and dates, he struggles with complex details. He often loses his train of thought in the middle of a sentence.

“Quickly becomes irritable and it sometimes seems like the cup has trouble even walking.”

Hannity also referred to a quote from Senator Chris Coons, a longtime confidant of Biden, who said the president didn’t say anything during meetings but sat with his chin in hand to listen.

“I’m not sure who’s running the ship exactly, but it’s not that guy and it’s obviously not going well and they’re trying to hide it from the rest of the world, but we can see right through,” Hannity said. .

“Look at the country in just a few months. Inflation, 4.2%, the highest in 13 years. Steel is a huge 30% increase. Copper, 32 percent. Lumber, great, you want to buy a two-by-four, now you’re paying 130 percent more than anywhere last year. “

The host said that “power hungry Democrats” would never give Trump any credit for fighting the coronavirus pandemic due to the “corrupt media crowd” and that Biden is “not very active.”

Biden would remain silent during meetings


Biden would remain silent during meetingsCredit: Alamy

“Constant weekends in Delaware we assume sleeping, and Joe seems reluctant and unable and unable to rise to the occasion,” Hannity warned.

“It becomes a real, clear and obvious danger.

“With the media crowd trying to put a spin on the obvious struggles of Joe Biden, the Americans, we can see with our own eyes what’s going on,” he continued.

“He is very brooding, gets very confused by acronyms and needs a lot of preparation for any public event.”

Hannity also claimed that “Biden’s public program may seem particularly light compared to its predecessors” and pushed back stories about his exercise regimen.

“It is extremely doubtful that Joe is capable of such a routine,” he said.

“Remember, we are the ones who told you that everyone told us the wind blew it more than three times.

Hannity and Trump have previously discussed Biden's health


Hannity and Trump have previously discussed Biden’s healthCredit: Getty

“It was a very windy day as he was going up the stairs to Air Force One, not once, not twice, but three times the wind blew him, very windy day.

“According to press secretary Jen, ‘circle back’ Psaki, Biden, well, has so much energy and stamina that she pretended she could barely keep up with Joe.

Hannah’s comments come after Biden was castigated by Ted Cruz as “weak” for its management of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Because it is its weakness, its appeasement, its moral relativism and its ambiguity, its lack of backbone to stand up and stand alongside Israel that are at the origin of this war in the Middle East”, Cruz said on Hannity’s show earlier this month.

“Rather than giving lectures [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, rather than being arrogant and attacking our friends, he should say that America stands unequivocally on Israel’s side.

The president has had several blunders since taking office, including his fall aboard Air Force One, accidentally calling his vice president. Kamala Harris the president, and mistakenly saying “saloon” when talk about hair salons.

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that Biden is not sane.

As the elections approach, Trump said Biden was unable to “put two sentences together.”

Biden leaves podium but tells reporters he ‘can’t resist questions’ in live blunder after Psaki warns him not to answer

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