Carlow Nationalist – Developer ordered to stop all work on controversial Tullow site

The controversial clay mound and spiked railings surrounding The Links subdivision in Tullow

By Elizabeth Lee

THE developer of a huge warehouse in Tullow has received a third execution order from Carlow County Council, telling them to cease all work on the site until the building permit has been met. Ned Nolan of Carlow Warehousing Ltd is the developer of a huge 33,000 square meter warehouse on the outskirts of Tullow, which sits directly behind a development called The Links.

Residents were angry when Mr Nolan erected tall, pointed balustrades around the estate at the end of April, contrary to the building permit, which said he was to use a trellis-type fence instead. Then, within days, a huge mound of clay, known as the “berm”, piled up directly behind the houses, sparking outrage among residents. In some areas, the berm was almost the same height as the houses.

A woman whose garden was completely surrounded by the berm and the fence said ***The nationalist*** that it was like “living in a prison”.

Residents have filed a formal complaint about Carlow Warehousing Ltd with Carlow County Council. Council issued two work orders to Mr. Nolan directing him to replace the fence with the correct type and move or lower the berm in accordance with the building permit. On Wednesday last week, the council issued a third notice to Mr Nolan, warning him to stop all work on the site after seeing machines working on the development. He was also asked to pay almost € 500,000 in development tax and to pay all expenses incurred by the council.

While some work was done last week on one side of the berm, the rest of the structure remains as is and the guardrails have not been altered either. Mr. Nolan has until Wednesday, June 16 to comply with the orders, after which the council will inspect the site to see if he has carried them out.

The warehouse, which will cover around eight acres, is expected to cost around $ 27 million and will be used as storage for Smyths Toys.

When contacted by ***The nationalist*** yesterday (Monday) Mr Nolan said he had no comment on this matter.


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