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Smyths Toys has issued a public warning after discovering a potential safety issue with some of their popular products.

The toy company discovered problems with some of its bikes with an alert issued Thursday by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

According to the CCPC, Smyths has identified a “safety issue” with the brakes on some of their children’s bikes.

In a statement, the consumer organization said “an incorrect housing for the brake system may have been used and, over time, this can affect brake performance.”

The bikes affected by the issue were sold between January 1 and July 31, 2021.

Bicycles recalled.

The names of the bikes and the product codes are as follows:

  • 187671 – Bicycle 12 “Tiger Black / Red
  • 118062 – Dinosaur 14 “
  • 172771 – Mini acrobatic 16 “
  • 158323 – Team 16 “MX-16
  • 135176 – Blaze 20 “bicycle

Smyths said anyone who has purchased any of the affected bikes can bring it to their local store where a bike expert will examine it.

There the bike will be inspected and the brake cable can be replaced if necessary.

If customers have further questions, they can contact Smyths customer service.

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