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Dragons: Horsemen of Beurk is an upcoming Cartoon Network and Dreamworks Animation adaptation of the hit film How to train your dragon with Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and TJ Miller. The show picks up where the feature left off with Harold, now considered a master dragon trainer, and his trusty Toothless steed ready for further adventures on Yuck. Together, Hiccup and Toothless (along with many other returning characters) train to new heights and embark on the exploration of complete dragon mythology, including the discovery of new species and enemies. The panel will feature never-before-seen footage as well as a discussion with the “talented dragon trainers” who worked on Dragons: Horsemen of Beurk

12h00 The panel is presented, it includes the development manager at Dreamworks TV and the two show-runners. The show picks up on Berk but soon takes Hiccup and Toothless to other places to find other dragons and villains. All the kids are coming back, including Astrid, Snoutlut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs.

12:05 First of all, they talk about Jay Baruchel’s return to voice the character of Harold. Apparently, he said he wouldn’t let anyone else get into the role and that the relationship between him and Toothless was going to expand (especially after the loss of his leg at the end of the movie). His return was important to the series because his voice is so distinct.

12:10 America Ferrera returns to voice Astrid, Harold’s toughest critic and training center number two. Julie Marcus and TJ Miller play the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut (with the dragons Barf and Belch) and them, with Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fishlegs. Children are the heart of the show and the key to keeping the tone of the film intact.

12:12 Dragons are obviously of paramount importance to the show, so the animation team do their best to create some amazing and visually awe-inspiring creatures to keep viewers coming back.

12:14 Join the grown-ups, who must adjust to the new relationship with the dragons on Berk, are two new adult characters voiced by comic book legend Tim Conway and Tom Wilson (BIFF!). They are said to be the “Lenny and Squiggy” of the show.

12:17 Fifteen minutes of footage! I will come back later with details!

12:32 The footage was spectacular and it emphasizes that none of it was recycled from the film. The first episodes will mostly take place on Berk as humans and dragons try to coexist. In fact, it is largely the group of children, led by Hiccup and Toothless, who train the dragons and introduce them to the world.

12:37 Some of the villains in the series include Mildew as a local curmudgeon (Stephen Root). Mark Hamill in the role of Alvin the traitor (Mark Hamill), the leader of the “excluded”, a group of exiled Berkians. Their goal is to take back Beurk and also harness the power of the dragons. Dagus the Deranged (David Faustino – Bud Bundy!) As the leader of the Berserkers. His role will be expanded in season two.

12:40 New dragons! First, they introduce Torch, who is initially mistaken for a tiny creature, but he’s actually just a baby Typhoomerang. These creatures are huge and they fly spinning like a typhoon meeting a boomerang. Hiccup’s father, Stoic, tries to take Toothless for a while, but ends up discovering his own dragon whom he named Thornado. It is a Thunderdrum dragon that emits a sonic explosion. There will also be sea dragons, non-flying dragons, and a bunch of other designs to draw inspiration from. All of the different dragons have different powers and their designs complement the specific skill.

12:44 Finally, before opening the floor to questions, the panelist evokes the partnership between The Cartoon Network and Dreamworks which could not have been a better marriage. The two studios did not want to touch the heart and the comedy of the film and follow the mantra of “kissing the artist”.

12:48 The first question is whether you should watch Dragons: Horsemen of Beurk is on order to see the rest of the feature film. In short, you don’t but they worked closely with the film crew and want to do as an added bonus. It will be more rewarding to watch them all but Yuck is truly a standalone series.

12:51 The music was so important to the film and the questioner wants to know if the same sheet music will be used. While it’s not John Powell who’s working on the show, they use his music a lot.

12:55 The next question asks the panelists to name some of their favorite moments, including a Halloween episode, a puzzle quest story, and the episode where Stoic gets his dragon. Finally, they are asked if there are other Night Furies (Toothless dragon species) and, rightly and sadly, Toothless is the only one. Harold is all he has and they have become their own family.

12:57 Dragons: Horsemen of Beurk arrives this fall on The Cartoon Network, but there might be a preview! So keep an eye out for Dragon news. The most encouraging part of the discussion was when the panelist mentioned the storylines that were “put off” because they didn’t think they lived up to the quality of the film. Artistic integrity!

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