Expansion of North Korean plant used to make military-grade uranium: Reports, News from the world

Two reports based on satellite photos reveal that North Korea is expanding a plant used to enrich uranium for nuclear bombs, indicating that Kim Jong Un is loosening self-imposed limits on its nuclear weapons program placed in discussions with the United States.

According to information published on the Arms Control Wonk and 38 North websites on Thursday, the enrichment plant at the Yongbyon nuclear complex has been expanded and the equipment that controls its internal temperature has been removed.

According to Jeffrey Lewis of the Arms Control Wonk website, the changes imply that North Korea aims to increase production by up to 25%.

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The improvement comes after the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that North Korea had resumed plutonium production at its Yongbyon uranium enrichment plant for the first time in three years.

Because it takes several months for the reactor to ignite before another lengthy fuel rod processing and plutonium mining operation can begin, such efforts suggest Kim will not meet with US President Joe Biden. anytime soon.

After months of relative silence, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has recently started shaking his swords, indicating he is working to build his arsenal of weapons.

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Hidden nuclear capable missiles that can be launched anywhere along a railroad track. A new cruise missile, similar to the American Tomahawk, which could be armed with nuclear warheads. The apparent start of nuclear weapon fuel production.

This is most likely an attempt to extort concessions from the United States if and when Kim’s long-running diplomatic negotiations over Kim’s nuclear program begin.

However, part of the message is aimed at strengthening internal unity as North Koreans face greater difficulties in an economy that has been hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

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