Banzai Runner Pantera Fri, 03 Dec 2021 06:19:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Banzai Runner Pantera 32 32 North Korea makes final selection for project to develop military reconnaissance satellites Fri, 03 Dec 2021 06:03:02 +0000

Pyongyang recently started the final review of a military reconnaissance satellite development project and will soon be making test launches, Daily NK has learned from multiple sources.

It comes as the country seeks to strengthen its surveillance and reconnaissance capacities.

However, this development is likely to spark controversy, with North Korea claiming it is developing space peacefully and the international community claiming that Pyongyang is testing long-range missiles.

Satellite rockets and ICBMs differ only in their payloads, while their long-range launch technology is similar.

According to several Daily NK sources in North Korea on Thursday, the Department of Military Industries of the Central Committee, the Academy of Defense Sciences, the Department of the General Staff and the Arms Control Office of the Ministry of Defense Defense have started a joint and comprehensive data review of newly developed military reconnaissance satellites.

At the eighth party congress in January, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un presented the development of military reconnaissance satellites, unmanned attack drones and the modernization of the country’s reconnaissance and detection capabilities as tasks of the government. military industry for the new five-year plan.

Kim’s “military reconnaissance satellites” are said to use scientific equipment and signals to take images and intercept communications, their roles depending on individual orbits and methods of transmission.

Having long attached great importance to the modernization of national defense and electronic warfare, Kim is said to have ordered the country’s top technology experts to focus on the development of satellites. He apparently showed continued interest in the project until the final screening.

Daily NK sources said Kim had directly told research and technology officials that he intended to invest party funds generously in the development of “North Korean-style” reconnaissance satellites. who could constantly monitor and respond to enemy military centers and military movements.

Kim Jong Un on the leadership podium during the Party Foundation Day military parade in Pyongyang on October 10, 2020. / Image: KCNA

However, the satellites currently being traced would not be products of research that began earlier this year. Work on them apparently started from 2018, with researchers this year focusing on tiny technological improvements.

The sources said the party insists on Kim’s belief that among the tasks of the current era, the highest mission of “defense science warriors” is to “conquer space.” He said the latest satellites are the result of three years of research, with authorities believing they can no longer fire simple “rocks” or “junk piles” into space that cannot communicate with the ground.

That is, the party called for substantial efforts to develop space satellites, with research and development of the latest military reconnaissance satellites being underway for several years. The satellites are now in the final stages before receiving approval for a test launch.

In particular, there would be four types of small and subminiature satellites being scouted.

The sources said the joint selection committee is currently focusing on camera quality, device life, launch altitude, transmission method for imported advanced radar and infrared tracking systems. and the solid rocket launch system engines.

No date has been set for the launch. The party is expected to approve a launch date based on the results of the final selection.

Atlanta outsider Andre Dickens wins mayor, baffling skeptics Thu, 02 Dec 2021 21:35:11 +0000

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Andre Dickens, who won the Atlanta mayoral race on Tuesday, was told he was aiming too high once before.

In 2013, he was a trustee at the Georgia Institute of Technology when he embarked on a race for a city-wide seat on Atlanta City Council.

Dickens was targeting a board member who was struck off after depositing funds intended for a client into his own bank account. Dickens had an outgoing manner, a dynamic speaking style, and one other major advantage – his campaign was led by his friend Cabral Franklin, the now deceased son of former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin.

Still, the odds were long for a neophyte, but in his victory speech on Tuesday Dickens recounted his thinking when critics said he should aim lower for his first job.


“I told them, you know, I was aiming for a city-wide seat, because I had city-wide ambitions and connections, and I want to make sure that dream comes true. “said Dickens.

Atlanta runner-up candidate Andre Dickens delivers his victory speech on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in Atlanta.
(AP Photo / Ben Gray)

Dickens won that council race, then proved skeptics wrong again on November 2 when he returned from the field to finish second and rob former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed of a spot in the second round. Tuesday. Then he passed City Council President Felicia Moore, who had been the frontrunner on Nov. 2, to a nearly 2-1 victory that stunned longtime observers of Atlanta politics.

“I was sort of thinking at the start of the campaign, that maybe the message should go privately that ‘You know, we love you, but it might not be your turn yet,’” Harvey said. Newman, professor emeritus of urban policy at Georgia State University. “He surprised me with his overall performance by pulling himself up and beating Kasim hard. It was remarkable. He did it with the votes from the south side of Atlanta, which was once Kasim’s stronghold. he built on that coalition. “


The son of a single mother who never graduated from high school, Dickens made the leap to an engineering degree at elite Georgia Tech and went on to earn a Masters of Public Administration at Georgia State University. Dickens is a Baptist deacon in his childhood church and has a daughter with his ex-wife.

Atlanta runner-up candidate Andre Dickens delivers his victory speech on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in Atlanta.

Atlanta runner-up candidate Andre Dickens delivers his victory speech on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in Atlanta.
(AP Photo / Ben Gray)

Dickens, 47, has long set his sights on the city’s highest office, on Tuesday recounting a dispute between him and his mother Sylvia over the first announcement of his ambition.

“I said it was when I was 16, she said it was when I was 12, that I wanted to be mayor of the city of Atlanta someday,” Dickens said. “And look at us now.”


Dickens currently works for TechBridge, a nonprofit that tries to use technology to help other charitable groups. Dickens also founded a program to train people in tech jobs, trying to expand access to high-paying jobs in Atlanta. He previously ran a family-owned furniture store chain that went bankrupt ten years ago, which Dickens blamed on the effects of the Great Recession.

Atlanta runner-up candidate Andre Dickens delivers his victory speech on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in Atlanta.

Atlanta runner-up candidate Andre Dickens delivers his victory speech on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in Atlanta.
(AP Photo / Ben Gray)

Although fears of increased crime dominated the race for mayor, Dickens focused more in his victory speech on promoting fairness in Atlanta, where there is a clear chasm between lesser residents. richer and whiter and the poorest and blackest residents. He said he wanted to restore the city as a beacon of opportunity for all residents.

“The city faces multigenerational poverty. We face the highest income inequality in the country. And yes, we are currently battling a spike in crime in this city,” Dickens said, observing that his opponents did Never were the 13 other candidates who ran for mayor. “My opponent is homelessness, despair, unemployment, racism, poverty, violence.”


This message resonated with black residents, with Dickens winning some heavily black constituencies with over 80% of the vote. But it also reached out to more liberal white residents, especially in gentrified neighborhoods east of the city center. There Dickens may have been helped by a swarm of approvals.

Nan Orrock, a longtime Democratic state senator in that region who has supported Dickens, said she was impressed with the council member while working on a series of projects to honor the congressman and rights hero civic John Lewis.

“I saw him as an innovator, as someone who brought new ideas, and also as a collaborator,” said Orrock.

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Edu was vindicated in the transfer market again at Arsenal and Jorginho’s mistake against Man Utd proved it – Josh Williams Thu, 02 Dec 2021 13:00:00 +0000

Edu’s £ 101.8million summer shopping spree on defensive reinforcements has raised major questions about Mikel Arteta’s ability to lead Arsenal forward after a difficult start to the season.

Despite the fact that Aaron Ramsdale and Takehiro Tomiyasu, arguably two of the Gunners’ most influential signings of the summer, had yet to make the squad, the Gunners have come under close scrutiny. for failing to address what appeared to be key areas.

Many fans have questioned whether Arteta should stay in charge following three successive defeats to open the season, but the Spaniard weathered the storm and guided his side to fifth place in the championship.

The Gunners have enjoyed promising form having won four of their last five games with the only loss to title contenders Liverpool and can move up to fourth tonight and overtake West Ham if they win at Manchester United.

With Arteta’s team in good stead, Tom Canton spoke live with tactics expert Josh Williams The way of the Arsenal ‘Analyze the Arsenal show to find out how the Gunners can reach the next level, with a clear top three starting to form in the title race.

The Gunners’ core stats in the Premier League this season were up for discussion, as well as how Arsenal mimic what Manchester City did under Pep Guardiola, with Jorginho’s recent mistake in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United cited as an example of what Arsenal have improved in their setup and overall game.

“I don’t think Arsenal is outperforming too much,” he said. “According to ‘Understat’, which is a website I use sometimes, Arsenal should have, based on their performance so far, 18-19 points – they actually have 23, so they outperform by four or five points there.

“On offense they should have three more goals than they actually have – so they’re underperforming when it comes to putting the ball in the net and converting chances.

“In defense they are outperforming and they should have conceded about five more goals than they did. So there is an outperformance when it comes to Arsenal, but I don’t think the chickens will come home. to roost and they fall off a cliff.

“I think what Arsenal need to do is just maintain their performances and keep them in your favor every week.

“It sounds very simple, but if every week you shoot about double or triple the number of shots your opponent has – closer to the goal as well – you’re less open to the randomness of football and how it can bring you back. prick.

Mikel Arteta after Arsenal beat Newcastle United 2-0. (Photo by Shaun Botterill / Getty Images)

“That’s one of the reasons Guardiola wins wherever he goes because, yes, he has great players, but he removes the elements of luck seeing all the ball, all the shots – it’s almost boring to watch Manchester City.

“I watched Chelsea against Manchester United when Jorginho slipped, it’s like that won’t happen to City so Arsenal just need to put the performance beyond a reasonable doubt.

“If they do, they’ll start winning more than they lose. I think that will happen and I think they’re on the right track. I’m pretty comfortable with Arsenal’s position and the makes them move in the right direction. ”

Follow our writer The Arsenal Way Jake stokes on Twitter to participate in the discussion and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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Argos Xbox Series X stock drops with Smyths PS5 restocking | Games | Entertainment Thu, 02 Dec 2021 06:20:21 +0000

Next-gen gamers have been told of two stock drops this week for the Xbox Series X and PS5.

According to Stock Checker UK on Twitter, Argos staged a drop in Xbox Series X stocks this week, and the page is still live at the time of writing.

This means it’s worth heading over to Argos and checking out if there is anything else for those trying to track down a Microsoft console.

One big downside is that this is a regional drop, meaning it might run out in your area when you go to check out.

It’s also worth noting that Smyths is expected to stage a drop in PS5 shares later today on December 2.

This has been reported as a store restock, meaning you’ll need to check with your local store to see if they have any PlayStation 5 units for sale.

PS5 Stock UK’s Twitter post read: “Smyths Toys will be offering PS5 pre-orders tomorrow morning with the following:

“Low quantity inventory, disc edition only, initial deposit £ 20 (part of total cost) and deposit begins when your local store opens.”

It is not known how much stock will be available today, but players are warned that the decline could start as early as 8:00 GMT on December 2.

As mentioned above, there will only be one edition of the PS5 console to purchase and here are the differences between digital and disc-based PlayStation 5 consoles:

“The only difference between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console is the inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player in the PS5 console. The PS5 Digital Edition console does not have a disc drive.

The PS5 console has an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player that will allow you to play PS5 Blu-ray disc games and PS4 Blu-ray disc games, as well as play videos from Blu-ray discs. -ray Ultra HD 4K, standard Blu-ray, ray discs and DVDs.

“The PS5 Digital Edition console does not have an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player. Owners of PS5 Digital Edition consoles will be able to purchase PS5 and PS4 games from PlayStation Store or access the games through PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

“And over 99% of the 4000+ PS4 games can also be played on the PS5 console or the PS5 Digital Edition console, although with the PS5 Digital Edition console these games will need to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store while the PS5 model with a Blu-ray disc player will also support PS4 Blu-ray discs.

Stockouts continue in the UK and it remains very difficult to buy a next-gen console in December 2021. The good news is that more restockings are expected throughout the month and into early 2022.

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Forza Horizon 5 player gets 8,000-year ban on Kim Jong-un car Wed, 01 Dec 2021 12:01:00 +0000

Don’t joke about nuclear war on your virtual car side, please.

Forza 5 flying kim jong-un
via playground games

Forza Horizon 5 launched on Xbox last month to a much warmer reception than anyone could have imagined. Over a million people have played Forza 5 even before its official launch, and that number skyrocketed once it became available to everyone. There was even a late push for him to receive a Game of the Year nomination. The racing game hasn’t quite been successful, but it is up for more awards next week.

In addition to its stunning settings and great gameplay, Forza 5 has been celebrated for its customization options. The first question players are asked is what pronouns they would like the game to use, and they can also give their virtual conductor prosthetics. Cars can also be personalized, of course, but in this regard there are some very strict but perfectly understandable limits.

RELATED: Forza Horizon 5’s One Week Seasons Are Too Short

One gamer seems to have learned the hard way, after a bespoke design for his Forza 5 car got him a ban of nearly 8,000 years. The design was shared by a friend of the banned party on Reddit. It really is a prime situation when it comes to deciding which element of the livery resulted in the ban. It could be the inclusion of Kim Jong-un’s face, the hashtag “send nuclear weapons”, the Pyongyang Pirelli logo, or maybe changing Nike to Nuke.


“So my friend just told me he got an 8,000 year ban for one of his liveries, looks like T10 doesn’t like jokes or something,” the post read. As pointed out above, Turn 10 would have been responsible for the ban, not the developer of Forza 5 Playground Games. Other Forza players sympathized with the banned party. One claims to have received similar treatment for creating a PornHub livery and another for applying a pro-Trump design to his car.

What has yet to be revealed is whether the anonymous player will appeal the decision. It is also unclear whether the length of the ban was a mistake. The year 9999 kinda gives the impression that it is just as high as the system will go, implying that the plan is just undefined. Hopefully there will be an update soon to reveal if this was a mistake or if the ban has been reduced to something more reasonable like 6,000 years old. As for the rest of you, don’t use your virtual cars to portray world leaders as fast food mascots or to glorify nuclear war. I really shouldn’t have to say that.

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Biggest News - 11_30
The biggest news from the game of November 30, 2021

Today’s Stories feature updates on titles like Halo Infinite, Pokemon Go, and Stalker 2.

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Tucker Carlson: We’re in a whole new pandemic Wed, 01 Dec 2021 03:40:21 +0000

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By now you have probably heard of the terrifying new variant of the coronavirus that has left the African continent in a shell of human misery. Experts call it the omicron variant, omicron being a Greek term that apparently means apocalypse ending the story. Even in Africa, a part of the world infamously familiar with suffering, the omicron is unlike anything the authorities have ever seen.

Consider the nation of Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa the size of France. Officials yesterday reported that two people may have died from the omicron variant. Now it is true that many more people in Botswana died yesterday from malaria, AIDS, diarrhea, drowning, car accidents, suffocation with peanuts, domestic conflicts, agricultural accidents and also simply because in the end human beings tend to age and die.


Statistically, that’s a valid observation, but it doesn’t alleviate the existential dread the rest of us feel knowing that omicron exists. No, it certainly is not. As the Chairman of the Federal Reserve announced yesterday, thanks to Omicron and not at all because of the criminally reckless decisions he personally made, thanks to omicron our economy is going to be terrible for a long time, and we are definitely going. need lots of mail-in ballots in the upcoming midterm elections for your safety, of course. And the vaccines, yes, we’re going to need a lot more vaccines. In addition to the two that you probably already had, you will need at least a third vaccine. Orders from Pfizer.

JIM CRAMER: With the new omicron variant sweeping the globe, how can we finally end this pandemic? How do you save lives and get business back to normal so that everyone can put dinner on the table? Simple. The federal government must require vaccines, including booster shots for everyone in America by, say, January 1. … So it’s time to admit that we have to go to war against COVID. Demand vaccination universally, ask the military to make it work. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, you better be prepared to prove your conscientious objector status in court. And even then, you must contribute to the war effort by staying home until we finally defeat this thing.

Yes, let the military take care of it, the US military will force you to receive your third injection. This is how serious omicron is – this from the guy who asked you to keep your money at Bear Stearns for five days before it was completely gone. So you can definitely trust what he is saying. This stuff is scary. The national media are very unhappy with omicron. Here is their deep concern:

CNN, DR. LEANA WEN: I think the states, local jurisdictions, and companies that have abandoned indoor mask mandates should reinstate them as well as an extra step to protect against omicron.

MSNBC JOURNALIST: They are bracing and bracing for the potentially worst. We have heard the president urging people to get vaccinated.

CNN, RICHARD QUEST: I see targeted blockages for omicron, those for the unvaccinated. I see a lot more restrictions being introduced for the unvaccinated, where they can go and how they can go.

CNN, DR. WILLIAM SCHAFFNER: I think we could indeed be in a phase of a lot more masks, a lot more social distancing. And more restrictions and obligations for vaccination in the future.


Well yeah. Check out what’s going on in Botswana tonight. We are therefore going to get more vaccines and “lockdowns” for all those who resist injection. And we’re not kidding this time. Omicron is here. It’s a whole new pandemic.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the November 30, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

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Newcastle have stepped in for the ‘incredible’ player Gabriel wants at Arsenal Tue, 30 Nov 2021 20:30:00 +0000
Photo by Pedro Fiúza / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Eddie Howe’s Newcastle United have now joined Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal in the race for Lille midfielder Renato Sanches, according to Calciomercato.

It has been reported by Italian media that Newcastle are willing to pay more wages than AC Milan for Lille star Sanches.

The Premier League club have reportedly requested information on the midfielder.

Lille want 35million euros (£ 29.84million) for the 24-year-old Portuguese international midfielder.

Where Football Manager 2022 thinks your captain will be in 5 years



Where Football Manager 2022 thinks your captain will be in 5 years





Elecspo (Youtube)


Newcastle competition for Arsenal for Renato Sanches

Newcastle’s reported interest in Sanches means more competition for Arsenal.

Calciomercato reported last month that Arsenal technical director Edu wanted to bring Sanches to Emirates Stadium.

Edu is said to be willing to sell Alexandre Lacazette, Eddie Nketiah and Bernd Leno to fund the midfielder’s transfer.

Photo by Jean Catuffe / Getty Images

Newcastle United or Arsenal?

Arteta’s Arsenal reportedly wanted to sign Sanches from Lille in the summer of 2021.

Center-back Gabriel even told the 24-year-old on Instagram of “Come to Arsenal”. (June 2021, Le Soleil).

Sanches himself recently said Arsenal are still interested in him.

In our opinion, a move to Arsenal would be more attractive to Sanches than a move to Newcastle.

Carlo Ancelotti, now at Real Madrid, worked with Sanches at Bayern Munich and described him as “fantastic” and “incredible” (The Daily Mail, July 2016).

Remember that Lille won the Ligue 1 title last season and Newcastle could be relegated from the Premier League at the end of the current campaign.

In other news, ‘Unbelievable’: Some Tottenham fans praise ‘legend’ after FIFA Grand Prize nomination

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Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin break up 1 week after baby is born Tue, 30 Nov 2021 18:07:00 +0000

Aaron Carter and his fiancee, Melanie Martin, have decided to go their separate ways a week after welcoming their first child, the singer announced via Twitter Tuesday.

Carter, 33, claimed the reason for the abrupt breakup was “a really big lie” about her twin sister, Angel Carter.

“My sister communicating with my ex-fiancé ruined everything since she knew what Angel tried to do to me in court,” he said.
“Thank you my angel, you ruined my family. God protects you.”

A split of Aaron Carter, Melanie Martin and their son Prince.
Aaron Carter claims he broke up with Melanie Martin just a week after giving birth.
Wire picture; Instagram

Aaron elaborated in a separate tweet why Martin, 29, talking to Angel, 33, was such a big deal for him, saying what his ex did was “unforgivable”.

“She knew my limits and especially not to speak to a certain half of my family who tried to portray me as a mad psychotic human being and a pedophile”, he replied to a follower, agreeing that he was “devastating “that they separate thus shortly after welcoming their little boy, Prince Lyric Carter.

The singer of “I Want Candy” alleged in a third tweet that he quarrels with Angel because she claims to have learned that Aaron “wanted to kill Lauren Kitt [the wife of brother Nick Carter] and their unborn child.

Aaron Carter's tweet about his breakup.
Aaron announced his breakup in a tweet.

He added, “They cost me $ 50,000 in court. My family tried to clear me out to have my house taken out of foreclosure, calling me a pedophile by texting me over Christmas. [with restraining orders]. “

Aaron then referred to himself as a “single dad” in a few tweets and concluded by saying, “I have never felt so devastated and betrayed and lied in my whole life, it is such a horrible situation considering that the prince does not deserve any of this and now it is my job to be just a father. single and that’s what’s going to happen. “

A photo of Aaron Carter and his twin sister Angel Carter.
Aaron and Angel Carter are the youngest siblings of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.
Getty Images

Martin has not commented on the matter and even appears to have deleted his social media accounts.

The former couple portrayed a much happier picture on Aaron’s Instagram two days earlier.

At the time, Aaron posted a video of him and Martin watching Christmas movies alongside their newborn baby. He also has shared a photo of the baby over the weekend, adding the hashtag ##ilovemyfiance. “

Aaron also told Martin in an article right after giving birth: “I’m so proud of you honey you did it I love you with all my heart my beautiful blessings from God 😍👨‍👩‍👦💪.”

The split comes as no surprise to their fans, however, as the two have had a very ongoing relationship over the years.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin kiss.
Carter and Martin have broken up and got back together several times since they started dating in 2020.

They started dating in January 2020 and broke up in March due to an altercation at Aaron’s home, after which Martin was arrested for the felony of domestic violence. The model allegedly told her she was pregnant before the arrest.

After the split and the arrest, Martin made her debut on a porn site called CamSoda where she allegedly “played” with “new girlfriend Vero” and released a sex tape. She would have had a miscarriage.

Martin and Aaron then reconciled in June 2020 and got engaged that month. They announced they were expecting a baby last March.

Over the years, Aaron has been talk about their mental health issues, but insists this time that those issues weren’t a factor in her latest breakup with Martin.

He told a follower who suspected he was suffering from drug addiction and trauma on Tuesday, “I have no addiction problem whatsoever, which is very appalling and rude of you to say I’m waiting for an apology.”

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All the toys from the Late Late Toy Show 2021 Tue, 30 Nov 2021 10:32:18 +0000

Have your little ones fallen in love with one of the books, puzzles, toys or games from this year’s show? Well don’t worry we have the full list of toys shown and where you can get them.

Ryan’s toys
Mood Bear Collection – It’ – € 29.99
Mix-a-roo plush – DiscoveryPlaytime – € 37
Bubble pipe – – € 6.99
Lego typewriter – / Toy stores nationwide – € 199.99
Blue’s Clues & you! Peek-A-Boo Plush 25cm – Blacksmiths – € 39.99
Pets – Beatty’s Loughrea – € 29.99
Little Live Pets My Pet Piggly – Littlewoods Ireland – € 32.99
Jiggly Pets Tan Tan the orangutan – Banba Toy Master – € 29.99
Jiggly Pets Koala – Banba Toy Master – € 15.99

Roisin’s toys
Discovery RC Smoking Dragon – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 40.00
RC T Rex Discovery – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 20.00
Red Redgy Puppy – Squeakakee x3 – Littlewoods Ireland – € 14.99
Squeakee the Dino Balloon – Littlewoods Ireland – € 69.99
Jurassic World Indominous Rex – Amazon – € 49.99
La Toy Van cake stand – Freddie and Millie Toys – € 45.00
Jurassic World Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs – Beatty’s Loughrea – € 16.99
Dinnette musical pewter tea service – Beo verde – € 32.90
Pram for dolls Me Mo – EuroBaby – € 89.95
Dinosaur torch and projector –Totally Toys Castlebar – € 17.99
Jurassic World Legacy Collection Tyrannosaurus Rex Escape Pack – Blacksmiths – € 49.99
Dinosaurs and other prehistoric book of life – Easons / Stores nationwide – € 28.00
Brainstorm Dinosaur Head Torches – Beattys Loughrea – € 11.99
Dinosaur mask head – Project 29 Stoneybatter
Dinosaur mask head – Cork Pinochios – € 9.95
Yoga mats – M. Price – € 19.99
Dinosaur cake – Lucy lawlor

Lorcan toys
Weber Premium barbecue with lights and sounds – Blacksmiths – € 34.99
Electric moving targets set – Electric lifting – € 99.00
Chef’s hat and apron – Kidiko – € 16.99
Duel Stomp Rockets – Cogs the Brain Shop – € 29.95
Mi-Mic Kids Black – Toys from the wonderland – € 17.99
Sparrow – The fairy bunting

Alanna’s toys
Batman, Bat-Tech Batcave, Giant Transformable Playset – Fagans Toys – € 139.99
Kindi Kids Bondi Bubbles – Amazon – € 35.63
Tenderleaf Dovetail Dollhouse – Little Dreamers – € 229.99
Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron – Littlewoods Ireland – € 94.99
Moji The Loveable Labradoodle – Coming soon to Irish stores.
Create your own superhero comic – Project 29 Stoneybatter

Irish Made Dolls and Figures in the House / Batcave
Lottie Dolls Rosie Boo – Lottie dolls – € 27.99
Grapat ‘Rainbow Tomtens’ open play figures – Beo verde – € 21.00
Fairy Friend Soft Toys – Irish company Fairy Door – € 12.00
Batman Mini 6V Quad Ride On Bike – Toys from the wonderland

Finn’s Toys
LEGO Boba Fett Head – nationwide – € 64.99
LEGO Disney Station – nationwide – € 299.00
LEGO Super Mario 64 cube block – nationwide – € 169.99
LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario – nationwide – € 59.99
LEGO Super Mario Toad Treasure Hunt – nationwide – € 79.99
LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Airship – nationwide – € 99.99
Digiwizz 6-9 Robotics Kit – nationwide – € 34.99
LEGO Ferris Wheel – nationwide – € 89.99
LEGO Hedwig – nationwide – € 39.99
LEGO Dom’s Dodge Charger – nationwide – € 109.99

Abigale’s toys
Home sewing machine – Toys from the wonderland – € 24.99
Djeco Designer Collection Kit – Nimble fingers – € 12.99
Stylist Blopens – Toys from the wonderland – € 29.99
Mini sewing starter kits for kids – The Sewing – € 4.50
Recycled Paper Jewelry Making Kit Blacksmiths – € 9.99
Tie-dye kit – Shannon Arts and Crafts – € 5.95
Barbie bendy – Toys from the wonderland – € 24.99
Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Magic Mermaid Color Changing Doll – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 15.51
Barbie Color Reveal Shimmer and Shine – Banba Toy Master – € 24.99
LOL Surprise! OMG 4-in-1 Glamper – Byrnes Toys – € 119.00
Gangsta Granny strikes again! by David Walliams – Khans Books/ Bookstores all over the country – € 19.00
The sock game board game – Banba Toy Master – € 24.99
The Pencil Nose Game board game – Banba Toy Master – € 20.00

Guillaume’s toys
Complete farmyard set – Millwood Crafts – £ 419.00
Small livestock market set – Millwood Crafts – £ 145.00
Banisteoir board game – Bathhouse – € 35.00
The reverse challenge game – Totally Toys Castlebar – € 24.99
Farm set – Byrnes Toys – € 15.99
IRFU Merchandise – Elverys
LUSTIGT Dartboard – IKEA – € 15.00
Miggle D plush – € 19.95

ISL T-shirt: Beth – Instagram: @crazy_craftymas

Climb on
Izzy Wheels wheelchair covers – Izzy Wheels – € 149.99
Drifter Raptor Powerful 12V Electric Ride on Jeep – Fun stuff – € 249.99
Raleigh Molli Bikes (14 “and 16”) – Eurocycles – € 260.00
Electric scooter KUGOO K MINI 2 – lifting – € 298.98
Tractor and red trailer with tanker – EMK Transport – € 295.99
Vespa Blue Schwarz FAO – FAO Schwarz in Arnotts – € 199.99
Woom 5 Yellow Bike – Donnybrook Bikes – € 489.95
S S1 PRO – lifting – € 399.00
Go Sk8 GLOBE G1 COLOR BOMB skateboard – GoSk8 – € 89.95
Roller skates Go Sk8 ROOKIE LEGACY TIE DYE – Go Sk8 – € 89.95
Electric Kart Drift 24V – – € 349.95

Helmets provided by Tuff Nutz, Donnybrook Bikes and

Poppy & Darcy’s Toys
Spikeball set – Round net Ireland – € 59.95
Spikebright – Round net Ireland – € 54.95
Fisher Price Talk Phone – McGreevys direct toy – € 16.99
Classic Xylophone Fisher Price – McGreevys direct toy – € 24.99
Fisher Price Classic Pocket Camera – McGreevys direct toy – € 11.99
Fisher Price Classic Little Snoopy – McGreevys direct toy – € 14.99
Fisher Price Classic See & Say, Said The Farmer Clock – McGreevys direct toy – € 24.99
Fisher Price Classical Music Box Record – McGreevys direct toy – € 34.99
Fisher Price Classic Toys Classic Radio TV – McGreevys direct toy – € 18.99
Jaws board game – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 30.00
Maze board game – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 26.00

Special thanks to George Boyle for using his toy collection.

David’s toys
Nature Discovery Great White Shark Anatomy Model – Cogs the Brain Shop – € 34.95
Shark Attack Costume – The costume – € 24.99
Wild Republic Tiger Shark Soft Toy The Natural History Museum Children – NMI Shop
Wild Republic Hammerhead Shark Natural History Museum Kids Soft Toy – NMI Shop
Bath bombs (sharks, mermaids, narwhals) – Celestial fondants – € 4.50
Discovery Mindblown Mini Shark Tooth Excavation Kit – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 9.00
Jaws board game – FAO Schwartz in Arnotts – € 30.00

Ryan’s books
Gigantasaurus by Johnny Duddle – Easons / Stores nationwide – € 15.99
Mr Spicebag by Freddie Alexander – Nimble Fingers / Stores nationwide – € 16.70
Dialann Scubaidín the Caitlín Ní Chualáin – Siopa Gaeilge – € 10.00
Caoilte Caillte sa Mhúsaem le Gemma Ní Conchra – Siopa Gaeilge – € 12.00
This book is John Kane’s pants – Dubray Books – € 8.99
Sísceal Ghaillimh the Catriona Sweeney – Siopa Gaeilge – € 11.36

Liam’s books
Nursery rhyme book: Rap journal – Abe’s Books Belfast – £ 9.29
The great Irish annual 2022 – The center of the book – € 12.99
Random Fun Acts of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon – In the company of books – € 15.99

Christine’s books
Tree Dogs and Banshee Fingers and Other Irish Words for Nature by Manchán Magan – Easons / Stores nationwide – € 15.99
Ireland: people, places, stories – – € 11.36
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum – Hodges Figgis – € 24.99
The charming little bee of Henrietta Street by Sarah Webb – Easons / Stores nationwide – € 12.99

Kate’s books
Girls Play Too 2 by Jacqui Hurley – Easons / Stores nationwide – € 11.99
David McCullagh’s Big Book of Irish Politics – Khans Books – € 23.00
Kamala Harris by Leila Rasheed – Easons / Stores nationwide – € 8.40
Hamilton: a revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda – Abe’s Books Belfast – £ 22.08

Costumes section for books provided by The Costume

Isabelle’s toys
Restless toys – Clear Accessories/ Offers
Zimpli Kids Slime – Zimpli Kids – £ 14.99
Get a craft box – The artistic fox – € 27.50
My adventure album – The disney store – € 25.00
Emily and Eve Affirmation Cards – Emily & – € 19.50
A town called Ennis by Chris Judge – Ennis Bookstore – € 12.00
Aquagelz Deluxe Base Playset – Beattys Loughrea – € 24.95
Aquagelz Starter Pack Playset – Beattys Loughrea – € 6.99
Djeco Origami Set – Nimble fingers – € 6.99
My little world Ireland – McGreevys direct toy – € 5.99

Additional set design toys

Hennessey outside
Lucie and me
Reydon Sports
Red rufus
Banba Toy Master
FAO Schwarz in Arnotts
Emilie and Eve
McGreevys direct toy
Byrnes Toys
Toys from the wonderland
The bear little fish
The Costume – Ireland’s Largest Costume Shop
DluluKloo – wooden toys for hire from Co. Wicklow
Kerry Signature Furniture
Little Dreamers
Nimble fingers
The fairy bunting
Tales for tadpoles
Cogs The Brain Shop
Discovery play time
Beo verde
Cardboard magic
Kilkenny Design Center
Hélène Golden Willow

Sensory toys, such as those provided by Sensational Kids for The Late Late Toy Show can benefit everyone because they provide sensory stimulation to one or more of the senses. They can help maintain focus, create a calming environment, and promote learning, development, and overall well-being. Toys and sensory resources promote inclusion for children of all abilities and needs. To browse and purchase other great sensory toys and resources, please visit

Irish toy shops and manufacturers

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North Korea bans leather coats after Kim Jong-un sparks impersonator craze Mon, 29 Nov 2021 17:40:00 +0000

Kim Jong-un is said to have banned North Korean citizens from wearing leather coats because they copy his iconic look.

The style-conscious dictator originally wore his black trench coat in 2019 and wore it last week when he appeared following his return from his longest absence in seven years.

Kim’s leather coat has since become iconic in hermit land where a cult of personality reigns around the bully and his sartorial choices.

Originally, it was the elite of the Communist state who could imitate their leader because only they could afford to buy real leather coats.

Then, North Korean clothing manufacturers started importing faux leather to make local versions.

Soon, almost every North Korean market was selling the coats – and soon after, many young men were strutting about.

This undated photo provided on November 16, 2021 by the North Korean government, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the construction site of the Samjiyon City Development Project in Ryanggang Province, North Korea.

But for the regime, that’s enough and a ban is now in place as part of the crackdown on Kim’s imitators.

Radio Free Asia reports that fashion police are patrolling the streets to confiscate jackets from vendors and any citizens sporting the look.

A source said: “The young men are protesting, claiming that they bought the coats with their own money and there is no reason to take them with them.

“Police respond to complaints, claiming that wearing clothing designed to resemble that of the Highest Dignity is an ‘unclean tendency to challenge the authority of the Highest Dignity’.

“They asked the public not to wear leather coats as it is part of the party’s directive to decide who can wear them.”

The leather trench coat was also worn by dictator’s sister Kim Yo Jong, who is believed to be his chosen successor, according to reports.

Since he started wearing his coat, sales of similar coats have exploded among his subjects.
Since he started wearing his coat, sales of similar coats have exploded among his subjects.

Therefore, it is said that he also became a symbol for powerful women.

It comes after Jong-un allegedly gave the chop to mules – banning the retro hairstyle with skinny jeans in a blow to “Western decadence.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted here with permission.