GameStop sells its PS5 in an HOUR

GAMESTOP sold out a stock of the PS5 within an hour today – but it’s said more consoles are coming soon.

It’s unclear when or where the popular Sony console will make its debut again, but many gaming enthusiasts expect more to sell as Christmas approaches.


Many Christmas shoppers can’t wait to finally get their hands on the PS5 console a year after its launchCredit: Alamy
GameStop sold the PS5 in under an hour online today, but more are on the way


GameStop sold the PS5 in under an hour online today, but more are on the wayCredit: REUTERS / Carlo Allegri / File photo

For now, GameStop has sold the PS5 again, with many gamers disappointed again.

But PS5 Ireland Stock Alert on Twitter said more console news could arrive as early as tonight.

They said, “GameStop is now OOS guys! Well done to everyone who has one.

“If you haven’t been lucky today, I’ll have some good news for you later in the evening. So don’t even worry about that!


It comes as massive crowds gathered outside a Dublin store earlier this week, with many eager shoppers looking to buy the PS5.

Queues formed outside of Curry’s PC World in Carrickmines as desperate shoppers tried to get their hands on the latest Sony gaming console for Christmas.

By line-up time, the store would only have 40 consoles left in store, and they have since confirmed they are sold out.

According to PS5 Ireland Stock Alert on Twitter, Curry’s also had a limited supply of the digital-only version of the PlayStation, and that has since sold out.

Here are the latest updates on other places you can buy the PS5 in Ireland ahead of Christmas this year, subject to availability of course.


And according to PS5 Ireland Stock Alert, it has been said that Argos Ireland will also have more consoles in stock soon.

They say Argos has “taken reservations” online, although the console still does not show up on the website.

The Twitter user said: “I know Argos has been ‘taking reservations’ on the website for 2 hours. I have been monitoring the website since and no stores are out of stock!

“If you try to book you will receive a confirmation email without a booking code …

“However, what you can do is walk into an Argos store near you and ask if they have a console in stock and you might get lucky.”


The PS5 is currently not in stock at Harvey Norman stores in Ireland.

It is not known at this time when the console will return to stock here.


Smyths toy stores also don’t have any consoles available at the moment, and there hasn’t been any news regarding their return.


It comes as Smyths urged shoppers to get their Christmas presents earlier this year to avoid disappointment.

The leading toy retailer has said some toys will be in short supply this holiday season.

A spokesperson for Smyths Toy Stores said, “It’s always a good idea to avoid disappointment and shop early.

“Although there are not enough toys, we will be in good stock by the end of Christmas on most toys.”

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