I’m with Kim Jong-un – stop the weight loss gossip immediately. It’s not a compliment, it’s deeply damaging

I agree with Kim Jong-un. It’s not something I thought I was typing. And I want to categorically state that I disagree with him on 99.99999999pc of his ideas and actions. But, incredibly, I found very little common ground, one topic we can agree on: Weight loss talks are bullshit and need to be stopped.

K, I’m not sure that’s exactly how Kim would phrase it, but that’s what I mean. It was recently reported that Korean authorities are banning the leader’s weight loss gossip. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but… listen, listen, Kim!

Now the motivation behind the gossip the ban in North Korea is somewhat different from my own desire for such a ban – the leader’s weight loss has sparked speculation he could be ill and with the unclear succession plan his death could seed the disarray in the power structure of the nuclear weapon country. My plea for ditching the tiresome weight loss chat is a little less geo-relevant.political situation but still important.

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