“Kim Jong Un also loves basketball!” : when Dennis Rodman revealed his bizarre love for North Korea and its dictator

Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman once revealed what he and Kim Jong Un talked about whenever he visited North Korea.

Who else but Kim Jong Un would willingly travel to North Korea and meet one of the most terrifying dictators of our time?

Dennis Rodman has often been dubbed as a man with a very strange lifestyle. During his time in the NBA, people thought it was strange to have dyed his hair green and black. However, fans were unaware that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The fats come on decades later, and at age 60, the man still wears a hat and sunglasses, to the point that many have probably forgotten he has a scalp and a real set of eyes. In addition, he has 4-5 rings on his face, with one ring for each nostril, one for his lip, and two for his ears. And lastly, probably the one that might not mean as much to you, RODMAN IS THE CLOSEST THING TO KIM JONG ONE ON A FRIEND.

Simply put, to call man “one” would be the understatement of the millennium.

Getting back to Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman once revealed what the two usually talk about whenever they meet in North Korea. And let’s just say it’s not exactly what you’d expect.

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Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un talk about basketball when they visit there

Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not a weird fever dream.

Don’t believe us? Watch the YouTube clip below.

As you’ve probably seen too, Rodman was also trying to show us the more human side of Kim Jong Un. And while we don’t think the North Korean dictator is a saint, did Stephen Colbert not tried a little too hard to hammer out that the man is a psychopath?

That aside though, if Kim Jong Un is following the NBA, we wonder if he’s still a hooper. And if he is, something tells us that he has better grips than Kyrie, and a meaner ride than LeBron James when he’s on the pitch… or maybe Kim Jong Un’s habit of doing it. exaggerating one’s abilities affects us too.

Who knows?

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