Kim Jong Un bans mules, skinny jeans fearing their capitalist allure: reports

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently banned mules and other “non-socialist” hairstyles – as well as skinny jeans – for fear that fashions could lead to capitalist impulses among the closed nation’s youth, according to reports. reports.

“We must beware of any sign of the capitalist lifestyle and strive to get rid of it,” Rodong Sinmun, a North Korean state newspaper, wrote, according to the British daily Daily Express.

Along with the mullet, other styles, like spiked or dyed hair, have also been banned in the totalitarian state – with only 15 “proper” haircuts being given an OK for citizens.

North Koreans will also not be allowed to wear ripped jeans, pierce their noses or ears, or wear T-shirts with slogans, the Express reported.

“History teaches us a crucial lesson that a country can become vulnerable and ultimately collapse like a wet wall regardless of its economic and defensive strength if we do not maintain our own lifestyle,” the newspaper wrote. ‘State.

“A country can become vulnerable and eventually crumble like a damp wall… if we don’t cling to our own lifestyle.”

– North Korean State Media

North Korea has banned symbols of foreign culture in the country to keep its “decadent” allure at bay in the past, and authorities have continued to crack down on pop music, especially K-pop, which is native from South Korea and has become popular around the world. .


In 2018, Kim vowed “to crush reactionary bourgeois culture,” according to the Washington Post.

A North Korean propaganda website once likened groups like K-pop’s BTS to “slaves,” claiming they were “robbed of their body, mind and soul by vicious conglomerate leaders and corrupt art-related, ”according to the Express.

BTS performs in Inglewood, Calif. On December 6, 2019. (Associated Press)

Some North Korean deserters have said that listening to K-pop and other foreign music has helped them change their minds about the world outside of their isolated country.

A 2019 survey of 200 defectors found that the vast majority of them had listened to foreign music and watched foreign television and movies before deciding to make the difficult journey out of the country, the Post reported. .

Police are known to raid people’s homes in search of illicit contraband, which could result in prison terms.

“South Korean music really played a central role in guiding me through this journey,” said defector Ryu Hee-Jin, who was secretly listening to foreign music in her bedroom in Pyongyang. To post.

“We have always been taught that Americans are wolves and South Koreans are their puppets,” she said, “but when you listen to their art, you just have to recognize them.”

“We’ve always been taught that Americans are wolves and South Koreans are their puppets, but when you listen to their art, you just have to recognize them.”

– Ryu Hee-Jin, defector from North Korea

Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un, called defectors who smuggle out like radios, Bibles and leaflets across the border “human scum”.


“I would like to ask the South Korean authorities if they are prepared to take responsibility for the consequences of the bad behavior of the mongrel dogs who have not had the qualms of slandering us by criticizing the ‘nuclear problem’ in the meanest way. the most untimely moment, ”she told Rodong Sinmun, the Express reported.

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