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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently lost around 20 kilograms, but remains healthy and tries to build public loyalty to him in the face of worsening economic problems, the southern spy agency said. Korean. The National Intelligence Service gave its assessment Thursday in a closed-door parliamentary briefing, saying it was using artificial intelligence techniques, analysis of Kim’s super-resolution video and other methods to investigate Kim state, said two lawmakers who attended the session. Kim’s health has received a lot of outside attention in recent months, as he has appeared noticeably thinner in photos and videos from state media. Kim, 37, has not publicly named a successor and some experts say a sudden incapacity could spark chaos in the impoverished nuclear-weapon country. Despite Kim’s slimmer appearance, longtime observers from North Korea said he had no apparent health issues and that his weight loss was likely the result of his efforts to improve his physique. They noted that he had continued his regular public activities and that no unusual developments were seen in the North Korean videos. But unconfirmed rumors about him continued to emerge, with a tabloid claiming recent public appearances used an impostor. The NIS dismissed the report as baseless, said lawmaker Kim Byung-kee. He said the NIS told the parliamentary session that Kim’s weight dropped from around 140kg to 120kg. The NIS previously said Kim was around 170 centimeters tall. He said Kim had been participating in public activities for 70 days so far this year, a 45% increase from the same time last year. After around 10 years in office, Kim is struggling to overcome what appears to be the most difficult time of his reign due to economic hardships made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. The NIS corroborated recent World Health Organization reports that North Korea is starting to ease its strict COVID-19 border restrictions to receive outside aid. North Korea has yet to report any cases of the coronavirus. As experts questioned his claim of a perfect case, Ha said the NIS had yet to see any signs of a major COVID-19 outbreak. Associated Australian Press


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