Kim Jong Un relaxes, relaxes to the max, relaxes all cool E! News UK

It’s been a while since North Korea made the big headlines.

“We are certainly not up to anything suspicious,” a spokesperson said. “No way. We have no Covid or nuclear weapons pointed at Seoul.

The spokesperson denied that North Korea withdrew from World Cup qualifying because they lost a group match against Turkmenistan.

“ We have pulled out due to Qatar’s use of slave labor to build stadiums. To be clear, we believe they are not using enough forced labor. And what about political prisoners? Missed opportunity.

“ Either way, our glorious leader is working hard to stay in completely mad form now, he’s the non-racist White House grandfather. We’ll probably be launching a few missiles over Japan soon, to liven things up a bit.

“Talk later, you Western fascist pig dogs.

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Posted: 29 May 2021 by stewartbarclay

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