Kim Jong-un slimmer than ever as North Koreans ordered not to discuss tyrant’s weight – world news

Kim Jong-un’s slimmer figure reportedly left North Koreans “heartbroken” amid growing fears over his health in hermit state after reports he lost more than three stones in one year

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North Koreans worried about Kim Jong-un’s dramatic weight loss

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un looks slimmer than ever when he made an appearance on another propaganda show.

The tyrant’s health sparked a global debate with North Koreans who ordered not to discuss the 37-year-old’s slim new look.

He was seen with a very loose jacket and excess sagging skin around his neck during Youth Day celebrations in Pyongyang.

Wearing a generous white shirt during his television appearance, he was seen walking past a booth filled with hundreds of schoolchildren. Some cried as he waved to the crowd.

It is understood that he lost 44 pounds in one year – over three stones in weight.

Kim Jong-Un reportedly lost more than three stones in a year – and it sparked health concerns


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Kim, who chain smokes and gorges on cheese, has reportedly won a stone every year since coming to power in 2011.

His health has been the subject of much discussion with reports claiming he secretly attended a health retreat after helpers raised concerns about his heavy figure.

There were other suggestions that he had a gastric band fitted and his alleged health concerns left some in the country “heartbroken”.

Rumors about the dictator’s health forced Pyongyang to ban gossip about his weight earlier this year.

It is not known if his weight loss is a conscious decision or due to health.



The spread of rumors speculating about his health is seen as betrayal by the government, a North Korean insider told US-backed website Radio Free Asia.

His personal life is reportedly closed to tightly controlled North Korean state media. He never even confirmed the number of children he fathered.

The source said, “As stories of High Dignity weight loss health issues spread among residents, many neighborhood watch units here in Chongjin made official statements to people during the visit. their weekly meeting, saying it was a “reactionary act” to talk about the leader’s health.

The Tyrant was morbidly obese after a decade of decadent eating and drinking


AFP / Getty Images)

“Neighborhood watch units also said the sudden weight loss was not due to a health problem, but rather that he was suffering in solitude for the good of the country and those in crisis.”

He looked significantly less overweight in June after photos published by the official Pyongyang news agency KCNA and on state television.

According to South Korean national intelligence, he tipped the scales at 22 stones last year, which would give him a classification of morbid obesity.

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A newspaper reported that he was persuaded to go to a secret health retreat after officials intervened, with a source saying they “expressed concerns for his health as he gained excess weight.”

“On April 15, the birthday of regime founder Kim Il-sung, the family of an anti-Japanese fighter sent a letter to Kim asking him to ‘lose weight and get some rest’,” he said. said the source.

In an interview broadcast by state-run television channel KRT in June, an anonymous man said, “Seeing respected Secretary-General Kim Jong-un looking emaciated so breaks the hearts of our people.

“Everyone says their tears have flowed. “

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