Kim Jong-Un’s incredible body transformation shakes global media

A little different from the talk of celebrities wearing what brands of clothing or million dollar watches, the big news this week is the sight of a much slimmer Kim Jong-un. As the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, it appears North Korea’s Supreme Leader has had to invest his time elsewhere, far from ordering executions or further developing his nuclear weapons program. country.

Participating in a military parade in the nation’s capital Pyongyang this week to celebrate North Korea’s 73rd birthday, Jong-un provided photographers with plenty to dissect. Not only did Kim Jong-un attend the parade looking slimmer than ever, but a crowd of public health officials marched there, all dressed in hazmat suits and gas marks, suggesting perhaps the country has not actually gotten rid of Covid-19, contrary to reports.

But it was Jong-un’s weight loss announcement that drew reporters around the world (from Bloomberg To The Guardian) stunned., Quotes North Korean journalist Martyn Williams: “It’s striking how healthier Kim Jong-un is in these photos from yesterday, but he does – and there are theories – he looks much better than a few months ago. . “

North Korea has a long-standing reputation for covering up stories, reporting manipulated information, or simply not disclosing details of any activity. With her health clearly seen as a private matter, the way Kim lost weight is also kept under lock and key, perhaps only with the push of a big red button.

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Previous footage of Kim Jong-un in his prime has shown him with a bandage on the back of his head, which obviously was not the result of a hair transplant, but has led some to speculate that his health was deteriorating.

If you want to get a taste of life in North Korea, take a look at these epic photos from this Australian photographer.

Check out this old one below which is proof that you are never too old to start training. [Watch video]

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