Larissa has a controversial response to Angela flashing

Former 90 Day Fiancé cast member Larissa Santos Lima has been asked to comment on Happily Ever After? Tell-All and Angela Deem’s cancellation.

Old 90 day fiancé Star Larissa Lima shocked fans by revealing what she thinks of Angela Deem flashing the cameras during the HE HAS season 6 Tell-All. Brazilian Larissa made her reality TV debut with season 6 of the TLC show when she married her ex-husband Colt Johnson. Larissa and Colt instantly became an iconic couple, but only because of their many controversies, including domestic violence and arrests. However, popular Larissa was recently fired from the franchise after an outrageous camera show in which she discovered her breasts. Naturally, 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? viewers wanted to know Larissa’s opinion on whether Angela, who now broadcasts hers on national television, should be canceled.

In September 2020, after having done three 90 day fiancé seasons, Larissa, 34, was fired by TLC. The 34-year-old had confirmed that it was due to a lingerie show on Camsoda that she was released from her contract with TLC. Larissa had maintained that she would continue to produce content through OnlyFans, Youtube and Instagram. The shocking news had followed Larissa’s arrest by ICE the day before. Colt’s ex-wife had been on the webcam show to show off his new body which cost him around $ 72,000 in plastic surgery. The cam show itself has helped Larissa earn over $ 100,000 and show that the 90 day fiancé The star apparently continues to make $ 40,000 a month, which is more than the show has ever paid her. Since then, Larissa has had no qualms about talking about her bittersweet TV experience.

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After Angela’s clip from next reunion in part 1 of HE HAS has been revealed, a 90 day fiancé blogger @morebiggy shared a meme from Larissa Limathe influencer“and Michael’s wife as”the influenced. “Interestingly, Angela also revealed her breasts on TV after plastic surgery, but Larissa’s response to the meme was:”no, other cast members were there way before me and doing p @ rn and everything,“before adding this meemaw”cannot be blamed.“Additionally, Larissa took to her Instagram Stories as well and shared that some of her 751,000+ followers are asking her for her opinion.”on saying it all and canceling Angela.

Larissa Lima Angela considers 90 day fiancé

In a long statement, the 90 day fiancé The alum mocked fans for supporting the network when shown the door. “When I had a “break” for a network to show my T! ts one time deal on camsoda, you support company decision. “Larissa continued:”No, I have never had a contract or anything more than that every time there is a debate about it, an employee comes to justify by saying “she signed a contract”, give me pause.“Larissa questioned her fans’ demand for Angela’s cancellation as she wrote:”I wish more t! ts and things go down much more I’m here for that!“Angela got Larissa’s support when she said:”Let the woman show what she wants.”According to Larissa, who now calls him lay off a“Pause,” there are still “the people (who) made p @ rnWhich have not been canceled.

Some fans want to know who Larissa is referring to in her statement. Although Larissa has never really been a fan favorite, she has been praised for being honest about her past, her future and also her transformation into plastic surgery on social media lately. Larissa telling her truth and defending herself despite criticism regarding her income and her children deserves praise according to some fans. No wonder even almost a year after saying goodbye to 90 day fiancé, Larissa remains one of the most talked about actors to this day.

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