Larissa Lima confirms her breakup with Eric Nichols on Instagram

90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols won’t get their happiness forever. The former TLC pair have officially split according to Larissa’s IG post.

It’s over for 90 day fiancé pair Larissa Lima Dos Santos and Eric Nichols, officially. After a new start since her divorce from Colt Johnson, Larissa had even moved permanently to Colorado with Eric. And since she revealed that Eric didn’t really pay for his expensive plastic surgery as seen on TLC, Larissa has finally confirmed her breakup with Eric to her. 90 day fiancé fans via Instagram.

It hasn’t been a smooth love affair for Larissa who first arrived in America to star in 90 day fiancé‘s season 6 and start a new life with Colt. But the Brazilian mother of three was quickly arrested not once but three times for domestic violence, which added to her threat of deportation. Somehow Larissa managed to overcome these obstacles to meet “reboundEric on Tinder just after leaving Colt in February 2019. The Las Vegas-based couple, however, dated for a while to break up on Instagram as Larissa dropped off a restraining order against Eric for stalking. Eric got his revenge by meeting Colt and his mother Debbie, but the couple got back together in December 2019. Larissa and Eric showed up on 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? documenting his love for her and his love for plastic surgery. But at the end of the show, Larissa and Eric’s default relationship with TLC fired her because of a revealing CamSoda livestream. Larissa and Eric saw a higher salary working on OnlyFans and quickly made enough money to buy their own home in Colorado. But just when the old one 90 day fiancé stars were living a drama-free life away from reality TV, news of a shocking split from Eric was announced by Larissa.

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Since she deleted all of Eric’s pictures of her Instagram A few weeks ago, Larissa continued to play guessing games with the fans by explaining how they still live together in the same house. But early Thursday morning, the 90 day fiancé icon has released an official statement about her breakup with Eric. Addressing her “dear friends and followers, “Larissa talked about building a trusting relationship with them and feeling responsible for communicating with them.”when something important happens“in his life.

Larissa Lima Eric Nichols Breaking Up In 90 Days Engaged

I am no longer in a relationship. We have decided to go our separate ways for now“Larissa wrote of Eric, and added:”We are different people who have moved away in search of development and happiness. “Larissa hopes she 90 day fiancé the fans understand that “it’s a new chapter”In her life and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Eric also responded to Larissa’s message by revealing: “this is real news”And most of the other comments wish her luck and ask the Brazilian bombshell if she’ll be back in Las Vegas. Larissa responded to these curious 90 day fiancé viewers with a merry “ouissss”While mentioning that she will continue to remain friends with Eric. While Larissa’s next big move is not yet known, hoping that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for it 90 day fiancé celebrity.

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Source: Larissa Lima / Instagram

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