New York Times Defends Maggie Haberman Against Fox News Attack | New York Times

The New York Times editor-in-chief on Monday defended Maggie Haberman as “one of the best journalists of her generation” after the reporter was criticized by Fox News.

Dean Baquet’s statement was included in a piece on the Fox News website which accused Haberman of being obsessed with Donald Trump and failing to adequately cover Joe Biden.

Monday night prime-time host Sean Hannity – what Fox News has reprimand for campaigning with Trump and denying a report, he wrote a campaign ad for the then president – called Haberman a “stalker” of Trump.

Hannity also stated that Haberman and his colleagues who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for reporting Russian election interference and Trump-Moscow ties should “fix the record, turn in your fake Pulitzer and admit who you are.”

Appropriately for such a storm in a Beltway goldfish bowl, it all started on Twitter.

In response to coverage of an accident at a Florida pride parade on Sunday, Haberman linked to a item and wrote: “This website publishes such garbage [especially] when it comes to media. Politicians are saying something, journalists are covering it. “HORSIBLE,” shout reporters from Fox dot com media. “

Haberman deleted the messages, saying they were “too broad” and that it “should be more specific – some Fox shows aired comments that I made for several days out of context, and some reporters used them in reporting on the website out of context A tweet was also misinterpreted today.

On Monday, Fox News published a room headlined “New York Times scribe Maggie Haberman can’t leave Trump, largely ignores Biden.”

The article cites sources including Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, a curator thinking group; William A Jacobson, Cornell law professor and conservative “media critic” also founder of; and Chris Barron, a “Conservative strategist” who once wrote an article for the Guardian titled “I Helped Create Politician Donald Trump.” Now I regret it bitterly ”.

Barron said Haberman, also an analyst for CNN, “traded the credibility she had under the Trump administration for 15 minutes of celebrity on cable. With Trump out of office, she is lost.

“Like a heroin addict who has taken everything she has, all that remains is the desire to desperately pursue that elusive high. She should consider a new line of work, one that allows her to break her addiction. unhealthy. “

The Fox News article, however, highlighted how busy Trump and the party he controls have occupied Haberman and other reporters.

Of the more than 100 stories Haberman contributed to during this time, Fox News said, “at least 70” were about Trump or characters in his orbit and “dozens … were about Trump’s second impeachment trial shortly after he left. of its functions “.

Trump is the only president to have been impeached twice, making his second trial, for inciting the deadly attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, a truly historic event.

Trump was acquitted when only a handful of Republican senators voted for his guilt. Republicans have since blocked a commission to investigate the attack.

Haberman also signed a deal for a book on Trump. In announcing it, Penguin Vice President and Editor Scott Moyers predicted an “instant classic, a definitive and compelling tale of Donald Trump, his life and his presidency.”

Many journalists have used Trump as a source: according to AxiosTrump has given at least 22 interviews for 17 pounds since leaving the White House.

Baquet said Haberman “will continue to be one of our leading reporters on major political news for years to come.

“We are proud that she works for The New York Times.”

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