‘No Mandate Monday’ moves to California HS

“No Mandate Monday” may be coming to a school near you.

Some students and teachers at a California high school took part in a loosely organized protest called “No Mandate Monday” on Monday that aims to berate Sacramento for its COVID-19 classroom dictates and defend an elderly person who was withdrawn from campus last week for having refused to wear a mask.

Video emerged from inside Ponderosa High School that showed unmasked students participating in the protest who had been placed in a “room of non-compliance,” according to a parent.

Michael Wilkes, 38, a high school teacher in El Dorado County, told Fox News he was put on paid administrative leave after spending the day teaching classes without a mask. He said the district was investigating and he would likely lose his job after five years.


“I have great peace of mind knowing that I am living faithfully with my heart,” he said.

Wilkes, a father of three young children, said he has received a wave of support from families in the district who agree that these mandates handed down from Sacramento are doing more harm than good for the health and environment of children’s learning.

California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks with grade 7 students at James Denman Middle School on October 1, 2021 in San Francisco, California. Governor of California (Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

California has a statewide mask requirement that affects approximately 6.7 million students. The state’s largest teacher unions support the mandate, as does the California Association of School Boards.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Democrat, said students will need to be vaccinated to attend in-person classes after the United States fully verifies vaccines for particular age groups. His office did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News.

Wilkes said he intended to defend individual freedoms and encourage debate during his lessons. He said parents were increasingly tired of these warrants and cited last week’s protest in Sacramento as evidence. The protest included parents who went on a rampage against the Newsom vaccine mandate.


The student protesting video was released on Monday Let them breatheTwitter account of.

“IT’S HAPPENING NOW,” read the message. “46 STUDENTS CHOSEN TO UNMASQUER with the support of some teachers, but are kept in two separate rooms by the administrator of Ponderosa High School with a teaching in El Dorado County, Calif. They sent us this video and have us asked to share this developing situation. “

Reopen California Schools, a group of volunteers, posted that the “Maskless Mondays” were formed in protest after a student “who could not wear one was disciplined due to our state’s indefinite school mask tenure.” .

Wilkes said the high school senior, whom he described as an “upright angel”, decided to remove the face covering and attempt to enter classrooms last week. She was eventually taken off campus, he said.

It was not immediately clear how many students and teachers from the school participated in the protest. The principal of Ponderosa High School and the school district did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News after hours.

Lakita Strong, center, holds a placard protesting mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for schoolchildren with her sons Jordan, left, and Jayden, right, at the State Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., On Monday October 18, 2021. (Hector Amezcua / The Sacramento Bee via AP)

Lakita Strong, center, holds a placard protesting mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for schoolchildren with her sons Jordan, left, and Jayden, right, at the State Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., On Monday October 18, 2021. (Hector Amezcua / The Sacramento Bee via AP)
(Hector Amezcua / The Bee of Sacramento via AP)

Jonathan Zachreson, the founder of Reopen California Schools, said he started pushing to bring students back to the classroom when schools in the state first closed to in-person classes in 2020. He said that although the state has reopened the schools, these mandates continue. wreak havoc on children.

“So much has been taken from children in the past 18 months,” he said. “We have to give them some normalcy.”

At the heart of the protest are the mask and vaccine warrants.

The argument from parents opposed to childhood vaccines is that the long-term side effects of these injections are still unknown. They also say that these warrants violate their freedoms.

Opponents of these calls to protest see those who refuse to wear masks as reckless and ready to endanger public health to make a political statement.

Federal health regulators said Friday that doses of Pfizer’s children’s vaccine appear to be very effective in preventing symptomatic infections in elementary school children and have not caused any unexpected safety concerns.

The Food and Drug Administration released its analysis of Pfizer data ahead of a public meeting this week to discuss whether vaccines are ready for the nation’s approximately 28 million children aged five to 11. The agency will ask a panel of outside vaccine experts to vote on this issue.

FDA scientists concluded that in almost all scenarios, the vaccine’s benefits for preventing hospitalizations and death from COVID-19 would outweigh any potential serious side effects in children. But the agency’s critics did not ask for permission to shoot Pfizer. Health officials have also insisted that the masks – worn correctly – have been shown to be effective in limiting the spread of disease in indoor environments.


Wilkes said he also has the support of other teachers who would otherwise speak out but fear losing their jobs. But he said he would continue to hold on.

“It got bigger than the masks, bigger than the vaccine,” he said. “It is about individual freedom and the ability of parents to make decisions for their children.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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