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North Korea develops PCR equipment for virus testing: report, World News

According to North Korean state media, the authorities have developed their own Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to perform coronavirus testing.

The state newspaper said that technicians from the National Academy of Sciences developed the PCR system.

North Korea did not provide the exact number of coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic even though it has sealed its borders and cracked down on travel.

To concern:

KCNA news agency said the country had stepped up its fight against the virus with the Delta and Lambda variants are spreading rapidly around the world.

There is also very little information on the country’s vaccination campaign as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) Burundi, Eritrea and North Korea are the only Member States which have not yet started their vaccination campaigns.

North Korea was one of the first countries to close its border as the virus emerged in China with borders sealed in January 2020. Video footage released by KCNA this month showed health workers carrying out disinfection work in various areas, including shops in Pyongyang to prevent the spread of the virus.

State media reported a few months ago that Kim jong un had sacked several senior officials for a “crucial” coronavirus incident.

Kim had previously claimed that there was not a single case of “evil virus”.

North Korean leader Kim previously said that due to “hardships and hardships caused by the protracted global health crisis confinement are no less harsh on us than those in war. “

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