Publisher warns Christmas shoppers as Europe faces severe continent-wide paper shortage

A leading publisher has issued an early warning to those buying books this Christmas, as Europe faces a severe continent-wide paper shortage.

It’s an easy gift for someone you’re unsure of in Secret Santa’s office, or for the aunt who’s obsessed with detective fiction after shooting the latest Netflix series.

But this Christmas, the book hunt could be more difficult than expected as there is a shortage of paper for publishers across Europe.

Vertebrate Publishing, based in Sheffield, England and Cork, Ireland, tweeted about their issues on Saturday evening.

They said: “It now seems that Europe is essentially running out of paper to print books. I spent yesterday talking to our factories and the story is the same across the continent. No paper until now. See you in the new year. E-books are not the answer to the paper shortage. The panic of buying gifts on Amazon isn’t either. But buying locally or directly with independent publishers is one way to keep good books alive. “

Irish writer Jane O’Rourke responded with an appeal to the public, saying: “Now more than ever, please do your Christmas shopping at the appropriate bookstores where booksellers will find you a book as good as the one you wanted to buy. for Aunt Mary. No paper, no books. “

While many responded in horror to the situation, one woman couldn’t help but joke, “Will this be the thing that forces me to read my stack of unread books?”

Irish shoppers are being warned to complete their Christmas shopping early in the year as supply issues are likely to leave some disappointed.

According to reports, the delays affected most industries, with things like bikes, cars, clothing, food, toys and even paint in short supply.

Many toy stores across Ireland have Christmas sales coming up in the next few weeks as stocks are likely to be ravaged.

Smyths Toys Superstore issued a warning to parents last week due to global issues regarding the availability of shipping containers.

The toy store issued a statement advising parents and guardians to start their Christmas store earlier this year to avoid disappointment.

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