South Carolina murder suspect captured after week of manhunt by force of 300 officers

The multi-day manhunt for quadruple murder suspect Tyler Terry ended Monday morning in South Carolina without violence after authorities launched a massive operation involving a force of 300 officers to remove the suspect from his hiding place, officials said.

Terry was safely arrested near Highways 9 and 99 in Chester County and no shots were fired by any party, the Chester County Sheriff’s Office said. No officer was injured during the capture.

No further details of Terry’s capture were immediately available.


Law enforcement received praise on social media after news broke that the manhunt had ended safely without injuring the suspect or officers.

“Exceptional work for a peaceful end”, a user wrote.

Another mentionned: “Great job everyone. Fortunately, everything is fine. I wonder if the social worker could achieve (sic) the same results?”

“I knew they would take him alive! The cops don’t act like that here! Well done!” exclaimed another user.

Terry, 26, had escaped police since fleeing a car wreck after a high-speed chase Monday night in Chester County. Since then, officers, dogs, helicopters and drones have searched Terry in the woods, neighborhoods and industrial areas.

The “strong 200 agent perimeter” in place overnight grew to more than 300 in the early hours of the morning, with agents from cities, counties, states and federal agencies joining the manhunt, said Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Charlotte Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tweeted Monday morning his rapid response team was deployed to assist in the hunt for Terry.

Authorities had said Terry was considered armed and dangerous and urged residents to stay inside, lock their doors and secure their valuables and guns. They had also advised residents to remain vigilant about their barns and crawl spaces, and to check on loved ones in the area.

Officers began to hold a perimeter near Route 9, Route 99 and Richburg Road on Sunday afternoon after Terry allegedly ran through a nearby wooded area.

Hundreds of agents are waiting to begin the search for Tyler Terry.
(News Nation)

“We are convinced Terry is in our area,” the sheriff’s office said on Twitter at around 7:40 pm Sunday as they approached the suspect. “Our perimeter has become thicker and layered. We are sending teams inside to try to find him and force him out.”

Terry is believed to have opened fire on police during a 30-mile chase that reached a speed of 100 mph on May 17. The chase ended when the car crashed and Terry reportedly fled, but the driver, Adrienne Simpson, 34, was arrested at the scene.

Investigators have linked Terry to a May 2 murder in South Carolina, two murders outside of St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday and two more shootings in recent weeks.

Authorities have released two photos of Terry, a man suspected of multiple murders.

Authorities have released two photos of Terry, a man suspected of multiple murders.
(Chester County Sheriff’s Office)

Simpson’s husband Eugene was found dead in a ditch on Wednesday, Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker said. He had been missing since at least May 2. The sheriff’s office said Friday that Terry and Simpson were charged with murder when he died.


Bradford Betz and The Associated Press of Fox News contributed to this report.

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