Teen mom Ryan Edwards arrested for heroin, unpaid bar membership

Teen Mom OG Dad Ryan Edwards continues to struggle with sobriety even after his recent 90-day stint in rehab. The 33-year-old was arrested on Wednesday following an incident last month in which he ordered six whiskeys from a bar mid-afternoon and then walked out without paying his bill.

Details of the incident come from TMZ, who obtained the police report revealing Ryan “was at Bud’s Bar in Hamilton County, Tennessee, where he ordered 6 Jack Daniel’s whiskeys, amassed a $ 36 bill, then walked away without paying the money. .

Police say Ryan was at the bar from noon until about 4 p.m. TMZ does not reveal a specific date for the drink ‘n’ dash incident, simply that it “happened last month.” I guess that means December, which would rule out the possibility of Ryan celebrating his birthday on January 3rd.

Online radar spoke with an employee who “confirmed that he was also arrested for possession of heroin in Red Bank County”. (Note: There is no Red Bank County. Red Bank is a city in Hamilton County.) The site continues, “According to the Clerk, an arrest warrant was likely issued against his arrest at Red Bank in time of his arrest. He is being held without bail on the drug charge. TMZ also mentioned that Ryan is being held without bail “due to another ongoing criminal case in a neighboring county.”

I wanted to be careful with this post due to how much confusion there was when Ryan was arrested for a probation violation in July. Because Ryan violated his probation, the official charge was listed as ‘possession of a controlled substance’ resulting in numerous headlines and stories claiming he was caught on drugs again – which was not the case. His violation had reactivated the original charge of his arrest for possession of heroin in 2017.

Everything indicates that there is a new possession charge against Ryan this time, but the information is so vague that I wanted to be sure that it was not Ryan who was violating his probation again in some way. another, reactivating his original possession charge. (I know Ryan must have been on probation leave right before his previous violation, but I’m not sure if the violation extended the probation period.)

It doesn’t matter if the possession charge is new or old, Ryan will have separate court dates for this and the drink ‘n’ dash. His court date for the drug charge is January 28, and the hearing date for “theft of services under $ 1,000” is set for February 6.

So far, there has been no reaction on social media or via a statement from Ryan’s wife Mackenzie or his parents Larry and Jenn.

UPDATE – It seems I was right to hesitate on the charge of possession of heroin. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office released a statement clarifying that this was a probation violation of Ryan’s previous charge. Here is the full statement:

Ryan Christopher Edwards arrested

Hamilton County, TN – Due to numerous requests for information from the national media, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is offering the following information regarding yesterday’s arrest of Ryan Christopher Edwards.

On January 23, 2019, Ryan Edwards reported to the Hamilton County Probation Office, when he was arrested due to outstanding warrants. Edwards was on probation for a previous simple possession conviction in Red Bank, Tennessee.

Hamilton County probation staff contacted the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitives Division to respond to their location and execute the open warrant for the charge of theft of services under $ 1,000. Simple possession (the charge he was on probation for out of Red Bank, Tennessee for) was executed by the Red Bank Police Department.

Edwards’ latest accusation stems from an incident at Bud’s Sports Bar in Chattanooga when he allegedly left the facility without paying his bill.
Chattanooga police officers responded to the facility and issued warrants for theft under $ 1,000.

Edwards was arrested on January 23, 2018 at 2:19 p.m. by fugitive staff from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and was held in the Hamilton County Jail the same day at 4:57 p.m.

Edwards remains in Hamilton County Jail without bail after a revocation motion was issued by the Red Bank court. As noted above, his revocation of probation stems from an earlier charge in Red Bank for simple possession on March 3, 2017.

Any questions regarding his original March 3, 2017 charges or the revocation petition should be directed to the Red Bank Town Police Department.

Any questions regarding his new charge of theft under $ 1,000 on December 18, 2018 should be directed to the Chattanooga Police Department.

Please note that the only involvement of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in this incident is due to the fact that our fugitives division, by the state constitution, executed the warrant.

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