Top 10 Global News: Biden Not Banning TikTok, Kim Jong Un’s Health In Question, And More, World News

Continuing the oral war between America and China, after the US Senate passed the Law on innovation and competition to deal with the Chinese technological threat, the Chinese foreign ministry said America “sees China as an imaginary enemy.” Meanwhile, on the covid front, French authorities on Wednesday allowed restaurants and cafes to serve indoors as president Macron hailed the movement as a “new step”. In the East, during a rare demonstration in China, university students help a school principal as a hostage during a demonstration against the devaluation of diplomas.

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It shows paranoid illusion of selfishness, says China on US innovation bill

The bill aims to support the United States automobile industry hit hard due to the pandemic and is also seeking to increase domestic semiconductor manufacturing.

“Life will resume”: France lifts more Covid restrictions and allows indoor meals

The threat of the virus remains as the country reported more than 6,000 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, but the number of hospitalizations remained under control.

Kim Jong Un’s sudden weight loss sparks health rumors

Recent photographs show Kim Jong Un much slimmer, which has sparked speculation about his health.

Syria intercepts missile over Damascus amid Israeli airstrikes

Israeli airstrikes in Syria killed at least eleven government soldiers even as Syria said it had intercepted an Israeli missile strike over the capital Damascus.

Chinese students hold principal hostage for 30 hours during protests

Chinese students were protesting against a proposed merger of a Nanjing college in Jiangsu province with a vocational institute.

‘Everyone should ban them’: Trump hails Nigeria’s Twitter ban

Formerly in love with Twitter, former US President Donald Trump spares no effort to express his new hatred for the platform.

Havana Zoo presents Cuba’s first Yanek, a rare white tiger

A Havana zoo introduced the country’s very first white Bengal tiger, a rare type that does not exist in the wild.

“We were all bloody Indians to them, since IPL, they lick our boots”

Former Indian wicket keeper Farokh Engineer has expressed shock after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson disagreed with the suspension of Ollie Robinson from international cricket by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for historical racist tweets and sexist.

Biden Revokes Trump’s Ban on Chinese Apps TikTok, WeChat; orders a “decision based on criteria”

The Biden administration on Wednesday ordered a security review of China’s WeChat and TikTok apps and abandoned executive orders passed by former President Trump that sought to ban those apps.

One-third of Ugandan population excluded from health system: report

While almost a third of the population does not have a card, some of them who have these ID cards cannot use them because they contain errors.

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