What generation of Arsenal fan are you? Some questions….

What generation of Arsenal fan are you?

Gurjit asks

It has been a while since I have been on this forum, as knowing more about the current state of our club after a difficult season did not strike me as particularly appealing. I did read a few comments that got me thinking though, as a young Arsenal fan who only knew the Wenger years.

Arsenal has always been to me a club that has played the best football in the league and had a little something that makes us look a class above it. Over the past few seasons this has changed dramatically, starting with our style of play and the way we have handled ourselves, both with the layoffs and with the treatment of players (Ozil, Saliba, etc.).

It is easy to see how this earth-shattering change in the identity of our club can be difficult to manage and generate a lot of resentment towards those in charge. This brings me to some of the comments I have seen – many members of this forum have seen Arsenal in many stages and over many years when it would certainly allow someone to take a step back and not overstating where we are now. , this certainly doesn’t mean that anyone who expresses a different point of view than theirs, that the current state of the club is unacceptable is just someone young, who has no patience and who is a glory hunter.

Patience is of course the key for a club in transition and in the same vain there are certainly many here who cannot see past ‘next season’ to see how the club has to progress and are unwilling to accept. this positive change with a solid foundation takes time. That’s not to say it’s unreasonable to have lost patience with the choices the club have made for several seasons now.

We are not the only club to have experienced this, we are not only in a worse situation than the other clubs. Man Utd’s league performances haven’t suffered as much as ours while undergoing a similar change – you could even argue that the perpetual change and transfers to Chelsea are far worse for any manager who comes to grips, than what happened at Arsenal.

In my opinion, we should all be glory hunters no matter how long we support Arsenal. I want the best for the club and personally I don’t like the wide variety of opinions that make this forum such a fantastic forum, depending on how long we’ve been supporting the club. We all love the club which is why we are here in the first place and we all want the best for Arsenal.

So let me ask you a few questions, fans of all generations (please respond in the comments below and feel free to add how long you’ve been supporting Arsenal):

By the time Wenger left, how many years did you expect us to be a title-defying team again?

Are you satisfied / happy / disappointed with how the club is now compared to what you thought it should be at this point?

Does the management of the clubs have your support (excluding owners)?

How long would you give the current leadership from now to get to where you think we should be?


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