Xbox Series X replenishment tracker: here’s where you can buy a new Xbox today

Buying an Xbox Series X has been difficult since the console launched last year, but T3’s Xbox Series X restocking guide is here to help. We’re keeping track of updates on which retailers have Microsoft’s console in stock and those who are considering purchasing more, and we’re listing all of that here for you.

Right now we’re seeing an influx of inventory as tens of thousands of new consoles hit retailers, with last year’s scarcity slowly starting to wane. We’ve recently seen stock go live in the US at GameStop and Walmart, while in the UK we’ve seen Box and GAME both come out of consoles.

Amazon is the one to watch right now, with a number of restockings this week. Basically, now is the time to follow as many stock trackers as possible if you’re looking for an Xbox Series X. Online retail social channels are also a great place to look, with Twitter proving extremely helpful on that front.

To go directly to retailers to check Xbox Series X stock in your area, just click the menu option nearby or scroll down for each store.

Where to buy Xbox Series X [USA]

Amazon United States
Xbox Series X and Xbox s series supplied are dry at Amazon US at the moment. The UK site (scroll down for the link) saw more consoles become available this week, so we advise players to check out the site daily. Amazon also offers a wide range of Xbox Series X games and accessories.See the offer

Walmart restocked the Xbox Series X last week, which sold out as quickly as expected. The retailer has also started shutting down scalping-controlled AI reseller robots, so we have high hopes for its next wave of consoles.See the offer

Best buy
Best Buy is one of the most talked about retailers in terms of Xbox Series X declining inventory in early 2021. It is releasing inventory in waves and selling out fast, so prepare an account to checkout on. as soon as possible before the next one See the offer

GameStop has been a great place to check out new consoles, although its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restockings are limited in quantity. To maximize your chances of getting one, we recommend that you create an account so that you can checkout as quickly as possible. The Xbox Series X was available right after Prime Day, including the Xbox All-Access console bundles, so this is the retailer to watch.See the offer

Microsoft Store
While the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Microsoft’s babies, visiting the store right now and trying to purchase one will take you to retail partner websites where you can pick up the consoles. You can actually purchase the consoles from the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so give it a try too! In the meantime, bookmark the website and continue to log in. View deal

Target has joined a few other US retailers who have seen the Xbox Series X and Xbox s series back in stock this week. The hugely popular Xbox All-Access bundle has also appeared here and offers great value in terms of having a huge library of games available right off the bat. See the offer

Where to buy Xbox Series X [UK]

amazon United Kingdom
Xbox Series X from Amazon and Xbox s series the stock drops came without warning and this week was no different. The online retailer has had stand-alone consoles and bundles available to order this week, with a note that it will be in stock at the end of the month to fulfill those orders. So you can place an order now and wait a week or so for it to ship. See the offer

BOX uses a new approach in the interest of fairness, with a voting format used to decide which players will get a console. Customers express interest in the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and the “winners” are selected and given the opportunity to purchase one. The retailer has confirmed that it still runs ballots and you can register anytime you want with a chance of being picked for the next one. See the offer

Currys has been pretty good at restocking for the Xbox Series X and Xbox s series . The retailer offers a standalone console, along with bundles and financing options to set you up with a next-gen Xbox for as little as £ 10 per month. Make sure to get into the queue early and pray for a smooth checkout process. For the moment, the well is dry.See the offer

Very is a great place to visit for new consoles, but it tends to sell out pretty quickly, so don’t expect to see inventory on hand for a long time. Hopefully we’ll see more retailers getting the Xbox Series X and Xbox s series stock soon, after Amazon, but we will keep you posted. See the offer

Argos hasn’t been the best place to get the Xbox Series X because restocking has been so sporadic. It got even more consoles last week, but you’ll need to check your website location to see what’s on offer. Worth a try, but don’t expect too much.See the offer

GAME has had several Xbox Series X and Series S restockings in 2021 so far, and dropped a whopping 10,000 PS5s earlier this year. The retailer is great at communicating when its console restockings go live, so we advise gamers to start following its social media channels.See the offer

Jd williams
JD Williams previously had an Xbox Series X bundle with a price tag of £ 619.99. It was pricey, considering the standalone console costs £ 449. Purchased individually you could choose all of the items for around £ 600 so it wasn’t good value for money but it did mean you got a console. At the moment you can take a Xbox Series S Pack for £ 299.99 with two batteries and a Turtle Beach 70X headset. See the offer

Microsoft Store
Microsoft is the source for the Xbox, so hopefully they’ll be part of the restocking action for their two consoles soon. The Xbox Series S has appeared in the british store with some frequency, while last year the US branch allowed gamers to order consoles through the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so you can try accessing it on your console to see how you do it. get out. See the offer

John lewis
Not a retailer many would think of for game console orders, but John Lewis’ fantastic customer service and two-year warranty make it a great place to lock down an Xbox Series X or Xbox s series. Xbox Series S is currently in stock, but Xbox Series X is currently sold out. See the offer

The game collection
The Game Collection released an Xbox Series S Fortnite bundle earlier this year for £ 399.95! It included the console, the Fortnite The Last Laugh bundle, the Rob ‘Golden Boots’ Rivera Cable Guy device mount, and the Turtle Beach Atlas Three Amplified gaming headset. It doesn’t have any of Microsoft’s consoles in stock at the moment, but we’ll be monitoring the site for more gems. See the offer

Surprisingly, Littlewoods also got into the Xbox Series X restocking action. Following in Very’s footsteps, they released an Xbox Series S bundle that included an additional controller for £ 319.99, but it has since sold out. The website is out of stock for both consoles, but says it will have stock soon. See the offer

Smyths Toys
Smyths Toys is a go-to retailer for Xbox Series X restockings, so keep checking out Xbox Series X and Xbox s series store pages. Smyths is one of those places that not many people think of when shopping for gaming hardware, which could be a great way to pack a system. At the moment, it has Xbox Series S consoles in stock, so go ahead if you don’t want to run out. See the offer

ShopTo offered standalone consoles as well as bundles. At the moment, the Xbox Series X is sold out but the Xbox s series is in stock if the less powerful console is interesting. See the offer

Where to buy Xbox Series X [AUS]

Microsoft Store
Microsoft is currently directing customers to its retail partners to find their next-gen consoles as there is no more stock for the X-series and S-series. In the United States, you can purchase the consoles on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so give that a try, too. See the offer

EB games
EB’s stock of Xbox Series X and S consoles hasn’t been huge. There is no Xbox Series X stock available at this time, but you can order the Xbox Series S if you like. See the offer

JB Hi-Fi
JB has suspended its Xbox Series X pre-orders, but has promised more when it gets confirmation of more stock. It’s worth checking out the Xbox Series X website in the meantime. Meanwhile, the Xbox s series is available to order as an alternative option. See the offer

Harvey Normand
One of the official partners of Microsoft’s “pre-order retailer” list, Harvey Norman had a large supply of consoles available for pre-order, but inventory for the Xbox Series X ran out. You can take a Xbox s series But! See the offer

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